Resilient Ring

Rose Gold


  • Made of hypoallergenic, nickel-free 925 sterling silver and plated with premium 18k gold
  • All accessories come with a microfibre cloth and pouch
  • The circumference of our ring is 1.8cm
  • The bar on our ring measures 1.8cm by 0.3cm
  • Orders containing three items or less will be packaged in one box.

Shipping Times
All orders are shipped via DHL Express

  • 3-7 working days delivery worldwide.
  • We stand behind our products. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, please do get in touch with us at for assistance.




    Positive Mindset
    Having a positive mindset, and practising a stress-free and optimistic lifestyle will boost overall health as well as general wellbeing.


    Meaningful Jewelry
    Our jewelry will help you conquer your past, take control of your present, and brace you for the future.


    Lifelong Companion
    Each piece of jewelry is carefully handcrafted to accompany you in your journey towards self-help and motivating you to achieving your goals.


    Words of Affirmation
    Daily affirmation is a positive reminder, coping mechanism and a way of living a life full of gratitude in the face of adversity.


    Fit & Care

      Our products are individually crafted with the upmost care for its durability but bear in mind that this varies from person to person based on bodily factors such as sweat/grease/surrounding humidity. 

      We strongly recommend storing jewelry in the pouch provided when not being worn.

      It is normal for the color to change over time due to different reactions according to surrounding conditions as previously listed as well as other environmental factors (rain/sun/dust). 

      In order to prolong the lifetime of the jewelry, please follow as advised:

      • Avoid friction (if possible)
      • Store jewelry in the pouch given
      • Avoid harsh chemicals (chlorine/sea water/oil etc.)
      • Cleanse only with a soft cloth (microfibre cloth)
      • Polish with a polishing cloth (optional)